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Does your home, office, HOA, apartment complex, or storefront need pest services? We service a broad range of residential, commercial and management customers. We can help you too.! We use an Integrated Pest Management approach with all of our services. That means we use current, comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and come up with a strategy that's good for you and the environment. In our customized pest strategies we Evaluate, Plan, Prevent, and Control.

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In California, ants are considered to be one of the most common bugs found in homes. Ants are most often seen around the home in the kitchen. Getting rid of open food, cleaning the kitchen, or even trying ant bait may help the problem. But, generally you'll need a professional for ant exclusion. Different species of ants require different treatment and continue to return over and over again.

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In Southern California homes cockroaches appear any time of year. As long as the they can find damp, dark conditions they're there. Keeping your kitchen sparkling clean is one way to curb roaches, but it’s not always realistic. Roaches resist many common chemicals and poisons and usually require professional extermination.

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